Now it's time to put it all together, paint, sew and PLAY!

C6062873r-m.jpg C6062879r-m.jpg
When gluing the neck peg into the body, be sure to put a large needle through the arm holes so that the peg doesn't accidently drop down to block the arm holes. A drop of glue into the head...
C6062882r-m.jpg C6062883r-m.jpg
Now hold them straight until the glue sets. If you get it crooked, your Bitty will be looking off to the side all her life! Don't forget to sign your new family member.
C6062869r-m.jpg C6062890r-m.jpg
You can see how tall she will be when strung by putting pins through her holes. I would paint and seal her before doing the final stringing. I sealed the model(s) with spray varnish
C6062897r-m.jpg C6062915r-m.jpg
When painted, our model sits with her sister blank. Here's her face all finished. (sort of)
R6073760R-M.jpg R6094001r-m.jpg
Tessa is proud of the twins - one of each torso type. Oops! What's this??
Here's a closer picture of his ear. The details were hollowed with a ball burr in a Dremel.

Sometimes our Bittys tell us what to do. The "Model" decided that being a girl was not for "him". My fault for giving him too strong a jaw. The mouth was too close to the nose and he refused to be a girl.
To make a "boy" of him, I carved the hair into ears, reduced it in the back, and repainted it.
He's much happier now!