Lip and nose detail

In finishing the lip and nose, almost all the lines should be soft. The only really sharp line should be the line where the upper and lower lips come together. All else should be sanded and rounded.

C6062861r-m.jpg C6062866r-m.jpg
I use a small ball burnisher to make the philtrum (That little indentation under the nose.) It can also be used to accent the nostrils. The resulting philtrum. It will soften with sanding.
C6062856r-m.jpg C6062852r-m.jpg
carve away a little bit above the upper lip to make it protrude slightly. Be sure to sand this as it shouldn't have a definite line, but be more of a swelling. Gently sand and soften lip and nose features using 300+ grit sandpaper.

On this face I used a tiny drill at the corners of the mouth - you can see the tiny round holes. This is not necessary and in some cases becomes too pronounced. It does give a nice curl to the smile when it works out well.