I carve the arms, legs and feet. I sand them before gluing the feet on.
I carve the hands at a slight angle to the arms so the fingers point out a bit. For more details on the arms and hands, click here.

C6062737r-m.jpg C6062741r-m.jpg
First draw the shape you want the arms to be. I have cut a bevel where the arm meets the torso so that the hands will clear the hips and the hair. You may want to adjust this bevel so that your Bitty's arms will hang the way you like. Draw the shape of the arms onto the blank pieces. I use a line at the wrist and at the elbow. I draw these lines first and in the same place on both arms so that the eventual arms will have the same proportions.
R6053620r-m.jpg R6053628r-m.jpg
Pencil in the hip lines. For the V-shaped torso you will want to cut a bevel at the top of each leg so that they will "hang" straight when the finished legs are "strung."
Here they are nearly ready for sanding. When cutting the thumbs on the hands, be particularly careful not to split them off. The spruce is a bit brittle.