The Torso

In carving the torso, you should be careful not to make the neck too skinny. There is a suggestive circle marked on the top of the neck around the peg hole.

R6053607r-m.jpg R6053615r-m.jpg
Draw the outline of Bitty's torso on the blank, keeping in mind the placement of the holes for the shoulders and hips. This style torso will give slightly narrower hips and will limit the upward motion of the legs. When the Bitty sits, her knees will remain together.
R6053608r-m.jpg R6053614r-m.jpg
This style torso will give a sitting position like the one Tessa has. The legs will rotate out from the hip. The Bitty will have more gymnastic possibilities but will be less ladylike when sitting. Time to begin carving - remember to protect that thumb.
Here is a torso ready for the first sanding. In the carving you may round the shape of the torso as much as you want. It will tend to round out a bit more with sanding.