Boojum Under Construction at Q-West
22 July 99

In May, I signed a contract with Q-West Boatbuilders in Wanganui, New Zealand to build Boojum.

While the NC files for the hull were undergoing final preparation and checking, Q-West was busy fabricating ladders, deck hardware, mast, paravane poles and other bits.

The first NC cut parts are for the rudder, shown in this picture along with some other items.

Hull framing and plating arrived the first week in July, and assembly started at last.

Here is a view of the mast, boom and paravane poles.
Roy McMaster, Boojum's lead boatbuilder, with the 10mm plate.
One of two 10mm sheets, as delivered to Q-West after cutting by Mico Metals. The pieces are held in place by small tabs. You can also see waterline and buttock marks on some of the pieces to help align them.

19 July 1999:

First views of the hull framing going together.

Most of the metal you see here was from the 10mm plates shown above.

View from above.

21 July 1999:

Another look at the framing, with more longs in place.

To the right is a closeup.


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