Boojum Fueling Stations

Boojum has two fueling stations, one each on the port and starboard pilothouse sides. Each station has a cam lock cap, a vent (to capture any overflows within the station) and storage space for a Baja filter that will trap dirt and water in incoming fuel. The starboard station also houses a quick disconnect for a hose that can be used to pump fuel onto or off of the vessel. The port station houses a quick disconnect for the pressure washdown system (powered by the engine driven watermaker pump.)

dscn1941-fuel-s.html dscn2019-1.html
Arrow shows fuel station location Fuel station with door closed.
dscn1943-s.html dscn2023-1.html
Fuel station with door open. Baja filter stowed. Baja filter removed showing vent at top, cam lock filler and fuel transfer quick disconnect.
dscn1947.html dscn1945.html
Cam lock cap removed for fueling Baja filter in place for fueling

In addition to the Baja filters (which are thorough, but pretty slow, and would only be used for really suspect fuel) Boojum has an RCI water separator/filter that can polish fuel in the tanks and while transferring fuel between tanks. In addition, all fuel eventually passes through a Gulf Coast depth filter between the day tank and the engine (see schematic.) Clean fuel is a necessity!

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