Boojum 20 Jan 2000

Ready for paint!

Mvc-001fa-1.html Mvc-001fb-1.html
Bow rollers and fender bracket Saloon portlights
Mvc-002fa-1.html Mvc-002fb-1.html
Saloon ports - outside Pilothouse windows and demist vents
Mvc-003fa-1.html Mvc-003fb-1.html
Starboard side Galley
Mvc-004fa-1.html Mvc-004fb-1.html
Bow fender Starboard aft side deck
Mvc-005fa-1.html Mvc-005fb-1.html
Port side with head pumpout station Aft view of stack with mast step
Mvc-006fa-1.html Mvc-006fb-1.html
Sonar mounting point Stack aft side
Mvc-007fa-1.html Mvc-007fb-1.html
Depth sounder & speed log mounting point Aft deck
Mvc-008fa-1.html Mvc-008fb-1.html
Starboard side view Portlight
Mvc-009fa-1.html Mvc-009fb-1.html
Starboard aft view Rudder
Mvc-010fa-1.html Mvc-010fb-1.html
Stack air intake Pilothouse door
Mvc-011fa-1.html Mvc-011fb-1.html
Pilothouse door track Bottom of pilothouse door
Mvc-012fa-1.html Mvc-012fb-1.html
Pilothouse window mullions Door handle
Mvc-013fa-1.html Mvc-013fb-1.html
Looking aft through pilothouse roof Fuel transfer filter & valves
Mvc-014fa-1.html Mvc-014fb-1.html
Fueling station and Baja filter Engine room fan boxes
Mvc-015fa-1.html Mvc-015fb-1.html
Looking forward through pilothouse roof Bow roller and fender from below
Mvc-016fa-1.html Mvc-016fb-1.html
Galley side of pilothouse Hull, looking aft
Mvc-017fa-1.html Mvc-017fb-1.html
Port side deck looking aft Starboard bow
Mvc-018fa-1.html Mvc-018fb-1.html
Opening port in aft cabin Pilothouse door track
Mvc-019fa-1.html Mvc-020fa-1.html
Aft cabin ports & steering gear View into aft cabin from pilothouse
Mvc-020fb-1.html Mvc-021fa-1.html
Rudder and stern bearing View aft from saloon
Looking forward on the port side

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