Valentine's Day Cruise to Victoria

Here are a few pictures from our recent cruise from Port Townsend to Sequim, Victoria BC, Oak Harbor BC, and back to Port Townsend.

P2080116-m.jpg P2080085-c.jpg
Boojum in Point Hudson Marina, 2/8 Mother and Daughter, 2/8
P2120769-c.jpg P2120839-c.jpg
Tommy in the aft cabin, 2/12 JJ comes in from the cold, 2/12
P2120875-c-bath.jpg P2151061-c.jpg
Tommy having a bath, 2/12 Boojum in Victoria, 2/15
P2181298-c.jpg P2261743-c-boojum.jpg
JJ on the foredeck, 2/18 Boojum coming into Port Townsend, 2/26